Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Threat of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Yesterday in Olympia the Senate committee on Health and Long-Term care held a hearing on SB 6452 which seeks to regulate crisis pregnancy centers in a variety of unnecessary and unconstitutional ways.

The bill, promoted by Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Rights Advocacy League (NARAL), would place a series of regulations on crisis pregnancy centers that would not apply to centers that offer abortion.  For those of you following along at home, yes, that is probably unconstitutional.

Still, the hearing allows us to hear the horror stories of what is going on in crisis pregnancy centers that simply must be stopped.

One Planned Parenthood employee said she was told that “the HIV virus goes through a condom like rice through a tennis racket.”  Their doctor testified that condoms, when used every time, are 70% successful in preventing HIV.   I know I felt a lot better when I learned that only 3 out of 10 “safe-sexers” would contract HIV if exposed.

Another Planned Parenthood employee said that she was told that sexual activity was going to lead to depression, STD’s, and possibly even drug and alcohol abuse.  

Yet another planned parenthood employee, who admitted to going into a crisis pregnancy center under false pretenses for the purpose of making a documentary, explained that the results of her pregnancy test were not given to her until she had been asked to watch an “outdated” movie.  She claimed that it scared her, even though she is “an informed young women.”  She summarized it this way. “The underlying message of the video is that teen sexual activity leads to death, suicide, and depression and that you are bound to get an STD even if you wear a condom.”

Their star witness, a doctor from the University of Washington, testified that centers have been telling patients that an abortion will give you an increased risk of cancer.  She explained that there was absolutely no evidence and said something to the affect of “the science is settled.”  Later in the hearing, Sen. Cheryl Pflug informed the committee that in 2009 a study by the National Cancer Institute and the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center found that an abortion increased your risk of cancer between 20% and 50%.  

The entire time I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I was waiting to hear something scandalous.  Surely someone had been kidnapped in an effort to prevent an abortion.  But there was nothing.    

For the record, I am someone who likes good information.  I do not like being lied to nor do I appreciate it when someone tries to manipulate me.   So I’ll never defend someone who is knowingly disseminating false information. But no one believes it is the job of the Washington State legislature to ensure that every word that is spoken or printed in Washington State is true (as if that was possible).  

Therefore, governments monitor information only to the extent it poses a potential risk to public safety.  Companies can’t say paint thinner “tastes great on cereal.”  But parents can tell their kid that they’ll look like Popeye if they eat spinach.

So what is the risk of believing the misinformation quotes provided by Crisis Pregnancy Centers?  First, teenagers will have less sex.  Second, women will give birth to beautiful little babies.  If you’re missing the urgency of the situation, join the club.

We have a $2.6 billion budget deficit.  The education system fails to educate.  Unemployment is almost 10%.  Remind me again why we need to spend time and resources regulating the army of volunteers that are providing free medical services, counseling, and support to women in need?

I bet the family of Alexandra Nunez, who died earlier this week from injuries caused during an abortion, would have been ok with someone talking her out of getting the procedure even if non-peer reviewed studies were cited.  


  1. Excellent analysis! I will pass along. Obviously most normal people (besides PP employees) like having crisis pregnancy centers in their communities.

  2. As I was comtemplating these senate and house bills, I kept thinking to myself that this whole matter is backwards. It should be the abortion clinics that should be regulated if they don't send their clients to a pregnancy crisis center before deciding to take the life of their child. It certainly would put a crimp in their business because the pregnancy centers provide a loving family environment with free medical, counceling and support, not only while they are pregnant but after thebirth of their child. Something is realy wrong with the bills proposed. After 53 million deaths due to abortion, one of the world's most prolific genocide, I pray that these pro-abortion folks come to their senses soon.

  3. I wish more people knew about this unnecessary scruitiny, so maybe we could add our voice. May daughter had an unplanned pregnancy and has been so blessed and supported by Care Net... our family was going through several other crisies as the same time and could not have made it without their priceless intervention. Hopefully these senseless hearings will be heard by people with some common sense and recognize the benifits of having a real "choice" for those girls who with good councel want to choose life.

  4. Here are the Senators on the Health Committee....I woudl call these people ASAP to voice your opinion. They decide the next step.

    Keiser, Karen (D) Chair JAC 224 (360) 786-7664
    Franklin, Rosa (D) Vice Chair LEG 312 (360) 786-7656
    Pflug, Cheryl (R) * LEG 415 (360) 786-7608
    Becker, Randi (R) INB 115B (360) 786-7602
    Fairley, Darlene (D) JAC 227 (360) 786-7662
    Marr, Chris (D) LEG 417 (360) 786-7610
    Murray, Ed (D) JAC 215 (360) 786-7628
    Parlette, Linda Evans (R) LEG 316 (360) 786-7622
    *Ranking Minority Member

  5. Got curious and found out under the Public Disclosure that Rodney Tom received funds from NARAL and Planned Parenthood for his campaign.....ya, he's real concern for the "people".....looks like a pay back to me.

  6. This is a very interesting article. When I was pregnant with my beautiful daughter, I was a 21yr old college student. The people at the clinics kept telling me I would never finish college, that my life was ruined, and kept pressuring me to get an abortion. I'm glad I didn't listen, but how many girls do?

  7. Family Policy Institute of Wasington Et.Al.,
    Thanks for keeping us aware of the busy - body "State Representatives" who have big monied interests to protect from the loss of big revenue if our Wahington young people get all the information they need to make informed decisions on the horror that takes place at every abortion. These Planned Parenthood an NARAL anti - human life Federally funded forces are no match for American citizens who love the concept of life God creates within a woman's womb. The love of money is a powerful motivator to cause limited data to be given to fatten up their bottom line of abortion profits. Truly "..the love of money is the root of all evil.." You would think all the cancer awareness interests groups for women would be all over the American Media to publish the facts concerning a woman's increased risk of cancer related to the taking of the life of the unborn by abortion. They speak lies in hypocrisy. And, are the ones spoken of in the end times prophecies of the Holy Bible - "..By whom of the which the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.."

    Michael Juzwick - author of - Fatherhood in the United States of America.