Tuesday, July 27, 2010

10 Reasons to Oppose Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

In light of the Governor's ongoing hearings to discuss how to save tax dollars, here are 10 reasons why now is a good time to end taxpayer funding of abortions in Washington:

1. Every year Washington spends over $7 million directly to pay for abortions, through the Medicaid program. If these funds are to be spent on anything, they would be better spent helping the mentally and physically disabled, tuition expenses for exceptional but poor students,
2. Washington is just one of a handful of states that uses tax money to pay for abortions.
3. The federal government has not paid for abortions for decades, recognizing that it is immoral to compel people to fund activities they find morally wrong.
4. With a multi-billion dollar deficit, Olympia cannot justify this expenditure when so many other programs, with broad public support, are being cut.
5. It is irresponsible to cut education funding while continuing to provide subsidies to the abortion industry.
6. The abortion industry is massively profitable. Subsidies for the abortion industry is like a subsidy for Microsoft. They simply don’t need them. If the abortion industry is really concerned with the health and well-being of women, they can provide their services without charge out of their significant annual profits.
7. Warren Buffett's wife has a standing offer with abortion clinics and hospitals around the country to pay for half the cost of any poor woman's abortion. They don't need tax money.
8. If the government believes this $7 million to pay for abortions is "worth it" because it will save taxpayers' money by not having to pay for other benefits to these children -- by killing them in utero -- let the children be born and say so explicitly.
9. The $7 million to pay for abortions through Medicaid is separate from the roughly $25 million the state pays out to Planned Parenthood for birth control and other reasons.)
10. Almost exactly half of all the abortions in Washington are now paid for with taxpayer's money.

Click here to let Governor Gregoire know where you stand on taxpayer funding of abortion, as well as other ideas you might have for saving taxpayer money.

Special thanks to Jonathan from abortionstate.blogspot.com for his help in compiling this list.

Click here for documentation of how much taxpayer money Washington pays for abortion every year.

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  1. Fact: There is a different between a baby & a blastocyst.

    How can you not see that difference?