Monday, March 14, 2011

Pastors and Politics: A Conference with Wayne Grudem

Have you found it challenging to engage your church on cultural issues? Is your church reluctant to acknowledge “political issues” even when they are biblical?

If you answered yes, we would like to enlist your support in helping to change this situation.

The Family Policy Institute of Washington is hosting a pastor’s conference in Leavenworth Washington May 16-18. We are privileged to have Dr. Wayne Grudem from Phoenix Theological Seminary and Rick Green from Wallbuilders to Leavenworth May 16-18 to lead a conversation about what the Bible says about how the church should engage on issues related to civil government.

Dr. Grudem is probably the best communicator on this issue in America today. He is a
Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary. Previously he spent 20 years teaching at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School for 20 years. He has recently written the book “Politics According to the Bible” brings a respected, biblically based perspective to difficult questions pastors face.

Rick Green has served in both church and state, being a leader not only in
his local church but a Texas State Representative as well. Rick has influenced tens of thousands of Americans to become salt and light in their communities, helping them understand their dual citizenship and responsibilities both as citizens of Heaven and of America.

Topics that will be discussed include:
  • Will my tax exempt status be threatened if I discuss political issues?
  • What does scripture say about civil government and the church?
  • Should I care how my church votes, or if they vote at all?
  • Should I speak to my congregation about political issues?
  • Is it biblical to say “We don’t do political issues”?

This conference includes 3 days and two nights at the Enzian Hotel in Leavenworth Washington. Registration, lodging, and most meals are included.

Our goal is to make this event free for pastors. But that does not mean there is no cost.

We want you to sponsor your pastor and his wife to attend this conference. For $250, you can make that possible for them. They can spend 3 days in beautiful Leavenworth, be encouraged by their time with other pastors, and consider what the Bible says about these difficult questions.

So whether you are going to encourage your pastor to attend personally, sponsor him, or sponsor another pastor, act today. Space is limited. We only have room for 100 couples and their wives and registration is now underway. So act now!

To sponsor a pastor click here.

Pastor's registering for the conference click here.

If you have questions, call our office at 425-275-8752


  1. Apostrophe Error!
    Please write "Pastors and Politics," not "Pastor's and Politics."

    Michael Mates
    Chisinau, Moldova

  2. We loved Dr. Grudem's commentary.

    If you are looking for things for you or your wives to do while in Leavenworth, go to:

    We are Leavenworth fans and blog about things we like there. We have lists of every restaurant and shop in town to help tourists find them.