Monday, May 23, 2011

Host a Legislative Review with FPIW

Now that the legislative session has ended, lots of people will be asking themselves, "what happened, anyway?" We know there was a $5 billion deficit. But what about the issues that affect your family and your values?

Did you know that during this session the legislature was working with the abortion industry to shut down pregnancy resource centers? Did you know that during this legislative session the legislature was very close to allowing children to be bought and sold through surrogacy contracts? Did you know that the legislature removed the words "mother" and "father" from state law and replaced them with the word "parents" in an effort not to offend those who don't believe children benefit from both a mother and a father.

And these efforts are just representative of the culture wide effort to restructure the family.

The state is also on the verge of increasing funding for Planned Parenthood at a time when teachers are losing their jobs and the mentally and physically disabled are losing their assistance.

These are the stories that are often buried under the budget deficit headlines that we want to make sure you know about.

Over the next several weeks, FPIW will be all over Washington State meeting in homes, community centers, and churches to discuss what happened this session on issues related to life, marriage, religious freedom, and parental rights.

If you have a group of 30 or more that would like to hear more about these issues, and also discover what they can do to be part of the solution, we would love to meet with you.

To inquire about hosting a review of the legislative session with a representative of FPIW for your friends or community group, please contact us at or call our office at 425-608-0242.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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